"Yoga helps me feel centered. It's a phenomenal way to stretch all parts of the body."



"Yoga stretches my body and relaxes my mind."



"This is my first experience with yoga, and I love it! We can each go at our own pace, so I don't feel overwhelmed."



"I love the way all my muscles feel so stretched out after the class. It feels good for my tight injured knee."



“Yoga gives me a relaxed feeling and I feel oh so good after a session!"



“I have multiple sclerosis and the benefits are marvelous for my body and mind.”



Yoga for 60+ participants:


“Yoga helps me with my breathing and asthma.”

Helen, age 78


“A wonderful, refreshing experience, with an exceptional instructor.”

Roger, age 76


“Yoga is very special for me. It relaxes me and purifies me. My entire body goes totally into another world.”

Margaret, age 71


“ I like yoga because I’m using parts of my body and stretching unused muscles. Also they say it’s the best exercise and I love my teacher!”

Ann, age 77


“Yoga relaxes me since I have a very busy lifestyle. I like the stretching.”

Gloria, age 73





Linda is a gifted yoga teacher, exuding confidence, enthusiasm and wisdom. With a strong vocabulary of yoga postures and techniques, she delivers creative and inspired class routines to students of all degrees of experience, and has successfully taught the elder population. Linda guides with a clear articulate voice and a calm presence, conscious of the individual needs of her students. She is a mature, responsible and sincerely caring person. I support her in her endeavors as she teaches and continues her studies. I know she will make a valuable contribution wherever she goes.


PremShakti (Mary Stout)

Founder and Co-director of the PremYoga Center

Director of Kripalu and PremYoga Yoga Teacher Training Programs


* * *



“Linda is extremely dedicated to her yoga practice. She has a thirst for education and understanding that informs both her practice and her teaching. Linda's depth and understanding of asana provides her an impressive ability to modify asanas to accommodate varied physical limitations.”


Susan L. Safranek, Certified yoga teacher